Saturday, December 01, 2001

You know what I've never understood? I've never understood the phrase "cute as a button." How are buttons cute? Is it because they're little? I mean, some are pretty, some are ugly, but I've never seen a cute button. Ever. Can someone please explain this to me?
But is he better then Chubby?
Kaiser is fun
Alex!!! I might buy KAISER!!! COOL!
AHHH! I don't want to get my bubble helmet! NOOOOOO! They're so incredibly ugly and gross!

Friday, November 30, 2001

i have just realized that my last post will make me seem insane to you non horse savvy (nice word eh?) people. so here is a translation of commonly used horse words to normal people words. this dictainary also inculdes some people you should know about.

*horse show- a bunch of scandalous (sp) people at a place where they can compete their horses.
*show jumping- a type of riding where a horse/ rider combonation jumps over things.
*bubble helmet- ugly helment that must be used starting decemberr 1st.
*ahsa- american horse show association. the horse show government.
*indoors- a sort of national championship twards the end of the year. i guess.
*indio- major west coast horse show.
*jumper class- a class at a horse show that is judged on how fast you go and if you dont knock down a jump.
*hunter class- a political and unfair class supposedly judged on how fancy your horse is and how well it jumps but really judged on how much money you spent on it
*equitation class- a class that is supposed to be judged on the riders position and how well they ride but really judged on who your trainer is sleeping with
*grand prix- the highest level of show jumping. really big things to jump over. what you see in the olympics. yes equestrian is an olymic sport.
*crossrail scrub- some one who does not show but rides at a ticky tacky barn.
*eva gonda- very successful rider who is 18 years old. lives on the west coast. very nice person.
*georgina bloomberg- the eva gonda of the east coast. minus the very nice person part.
*dianna- hm hard one to define. very interesting person. will do anything anything for money. lets leave it at that.
*laura kraut- mimi's look alike (in 12 years)(If she goes blonde again)
*gabby sallik- my look alike (in 12 years)

that should do it for now. mimi if you have more to add feel free to!

oh wow. it is almost december 1st. do you know what that means. the mushroom head law in enforced by the ahsa. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! mimi u better get a bubble soon because they r all on back order and if u dont get one by indio you will be in deep shit.
I learn everything from the best. from being crazy i learned from mimi to being even more crazy in a way from dianna! lol. she has stopped stalking me. i think she has given up, and realized no im not moving to her barn. ew the "boyfriend" is already annoying me. he is asking when i am going to virginia next. how the hell should i know? probably not till' the next indoors lol. sry charlie i have a strange feeling this isn't gonna work. speaking of charlies, charlie jayne is hot. that was randomness. what did you think of the e-mail i sent you of the stuck up ex- friend? cya bright and early tmrw at da barn.
OMG!!! Alex, dating someone under 16! Pinch me, I must be dreaming! Ha ha, love ya princess, hope it works out! (and you are crazy, but that's okay, you learned from the best)
While we are on the boyfriend subject... I have one! Okay, so hes not like hot, but hes still a boyfriend! Actually, I think i might really like this one! He is 14, almost 15, but immature in a fun way. this is not like me to like an immature guy. omg i think im crazy.
Okay, so a little while ago, this guy asked me if I'd go out with him. I said sure, I figured, hey, I'll go out with him once and see how it goes. We haven't even gone out yet (hey, I'm a busy person) but somehow we're boyfriend and girlfriend. Did I miss something? So now I want to dump him. He's always so nervous around me, and we just don't work together. But I don't know how, so I was thinking maybe write him a note (I know, I know, it's gutless, but I couldn't bear to see that look on his face). But now my friend informes me that he's memorized my schedule. And all my free periods. he memorized my schedule. Does that say stalker or what?

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Today the deans announced something to the 8th grade. Apparently, one of the boys in our grade has Leukemia. It seems almost unreal. I've never been close to him, actually, we fight most of the times we talk, but I'm so worried about him... I can't believe it. I want him to be okay so badly it hurts. The fact that we weren't close almost makes me feel worse. He was mean to me, yes, but I was equally mean to him. I just wish I could tell him I'm sorry. The doctors say, because he's young, he should be just fine, but there's still that small chance... They say all bad things come in 3's, so now just one more thing... everyone who reads this, keep your fingers crossed for him, and if you believe in God, pray for him.
Woah. Yesterday, at the barn, our trainer gathered us and told us that a horse had been at in the paddock earlier, and kicked his leg against the wall. The leg shattered and he had to be put down. He was such a nice horse. So sweet, so beautiful, why'd that happen to him? Why? Such a nice horse...
Alex- It's Stoneliegh-Burnham. How did Foxcroft look? Any good? You should apply there (stoneliegh), you'd LOVe it! And think what damage we could do!
By the way, Mike said you weren't feeling too good, how are you?
Ooops. I guess I posted my last post twice. I told you I was confused on how to work this thing. I am very excited for Indio. Very very very excited for Indio.
Hey, I finally joined the web site. Although, I am a little confused on how it works. This school in MA sounds coolio what is the name of the school?
Hey, I finally joined the web site. Although, I am a little confused on how it works. This school in MA sounds coolio what is the name of the school?